About Us

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With about a decade in serving Nigerians, we now have the perfect kitchen and table salt that can transform any dish! With a simple sprinkle, Premium Salt easily takes your recipes from ordinary to extraordinary..

Kenni700 Limited is one of the leading suppliers of premium quality cooking salt in Nigeria.
Our cooking salt is packed under high international regulations for premium quality to our consumers.
Kenni700 Limited consists of highly knowledgeable team under the supervision of Mr. Derrick.A.Uhunoma the President of the Kenni700 Group whose dedication and hard work has led the company from trading to manufacturing with a global scope.
The company's administrative team consists of the President, the CEO and Directors including other highly trained business development coordinators, whose aim is to create more opportunities and value added products to our organization. And not just to our organization alone, but also to our shareholders, clients and consumers across the globe.



Amazing Facts About Premium Salt

Contains the right content of iodine needed for healthy living.. Helps in the development of vital body organs like the brain, Kidney, and Liver. It's recommended by ICCIDD. It's so white and crystal clear, better refined with premium quality. It's affordable in price. Offers opportunity for distributors and prospective investors alike.


Neatly processed and packed .


Contains the required amount of iodine for body growth and healthy living.

Pocket Friendly

Our Product is affordable .

Investment Opportunity

You can invest in our brand.