Every Great Dish Deserves The Perfect Iodised Salt. Just a sprinkle of Premium Salt transforms every meal from ordinary to extraordinary.

House Hold's Choice

Fast Enegy

Award Winning Salt

Pocket Friendly Price

Premium Salt®

Who We Are

Premium Salt Nigeria is a product from the stable of Kenni700 Limited; an agro allied manufacturing company located in Lagos Nigeria; with its regional office in Benin City, Edo state.

We started our business operations in 2006 with the name of Kenni700 International Fisheries. We have extensive fish farm products.

We are a manufacturing company with various products in the food industry ranging from food snacks, fruit juice and our unique cooking Salt, Premium Salt.

With about a decade in serving Nigerians, we now have the perfect kitchen and table salt that can transform any dish! With a simple sprinkle, Premium Salt easily takes your recipes from ordinary to extraordinary.

In 2018, Kenni700 Limited celebrates her 10years in business in Nigeria..

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Why We Stand Out!

Our Core Value has made us every kitchen's choice and every meal's pride

Families Choice

We remain the healthy family's choice everyday.

Premium Experience

Enjoy the prefect taste when you need one.

Fast Selling

We are a fast selling brand.

Best Price

We produce the best iodized salt money can buy.

Investment Platform

Investement opportunities abound with us.

Customers' Service

We offer a 24/7 customers' service support.


Exclusive from Premium Salt®

Every meal is magical With Premium Salt!.


Our Core Values

We remain every kitchen's choice.

Our Vision
  • To provide outstanding and quality products at more affordable prices.
  • To provide our customers with outstanding quality products.
  • To conduct all business dealings honorably and in good faith.
  • To anticipate and meet market demands.
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Our Mission
    To drive about industrialization, professionalism, creativity and excellence to our indigenous society with our products and business activities.
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Our Uniqueness
    Contains the right content of iodine needed for healthy living.
    Helps in the development of vital body organs like the brain, Kidney, and Liver.
    It's recommended by ICCIDD.
    It's so white and crystal clear, better refined with premium quality.
    It's affordable in price, leading to high demand which is a good opportunity for distributors and prospective investors alike.
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